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First signs of the Google Phone – GSM/WiFi Phone runs Google’s new Phone Operating System called Android!

Yes, Google is planning to take over the world with its Phone operating system, Android! As an experienced embedded technologist, this seems like it will blow up not because they have great technology, but they could market it so crazy.

Wistron NeWeb Corp, a Taiwanese company, was selected as a CES Innovations 2008 Award Honoree for their Wireless Handset technology. Offering a full set of applications for creating and editing documents, email (via pull protocols only), PIM, PC sync and web browsing over GSM as well as WiFi and Bluetooth.


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Live coverage from Sony’s CES press conference at Engadget

The greatest part about NOT going to CES this year? I get to sit on my butt and read all these tech blog write about them. Well, it’s good that I am acting sorta as a “human filter” to filter out all the crappy stuff and post the best on Zedomax.

Anyways, you can get a really good overview of Sony’s CES press conference over at Engadget. I think this is one of the longest Engadget posts I’ve seen in awhile

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DIY – HOWTO Convert your Doc files to PDF for free using GoogleDocs

With all the craze with Google whatever, here’s another useful Google tool you can use if you haven’t yet.

Try out the GoogleDocs where you can convert almost anything to and from anything including your Word document to PDF.

Google will probably take over Microsoft one day in this arena. I am rooting for Google even though they are getting so big, at least they convert past technology into the Web.

In the near futur

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Microsoft Upgrade to Vista Parody Ad – Downgrade to XP Today for only $99!

We’ve designed a new ad for Microsoft’s new operating system, the Microsoft XP Professional.  That right, you can “downgrade” to XP from Vista and benefit from the following:

– Driver compatibility

– Usuability

– Improved Productivity

– Save Time not having to search for new drivers

– Supports your old computer with less than 2GB of memory

P.S. You are free to spread this Ad around, maybe Microsoft might actually use it.

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DIY Linux DoS HACK – HOWTO Limit your the max number of TCP connections to your Web Server!

I have been reading the following book called, Linux Server Hacks, which shows you many ways you can hack your Linux server so your server doesn’t die.

This actually works since we just had a DoS attack about 5 minutes ago. (It seems like we are getting more and more DoS attacks these days. You can refer to the

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Google SketchUp for Dummies book!

OOhh.. check out this Google SketchUp for Dummies book. It might be the perfect free 3D tool you were looking for last month.

Remember when your high school English teacher explained that every word in the sentences you write needs to carry some meaning? While the rest of us missed that point, Aidan Cho

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Girls that love Gadgets and Geeks

Did you know that a lot of Asian girls like Gadgets and Geeks? They digg smart guys…yey!

I was browsing through the Aving Girl section under Aving.Net. (It looks like they are selling girls more than gadgets, which is a good strategy by the way…)

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Coolermaster COSMOS – Spacey Design – ATX Case Review

Wow, check out this new awesome lookin’ Coolmaster COSMOS SPACEY Design ATX CASE! I’d love to have a sample, will they send us a sample? (This line does work by the way, we’ve gotten so many cool samples from various different companies…yey! DragonLasers is sending us their latest laser soon for review also….)

Weighing in at close to 17kg, empty, this is not a case you’ll

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GNGWC2007 Grand Finals!!!

Darn, I’d love to be in this picture… Of course, my fist wouldn’t be just there, it probably be somewhere nearer something else… Don’t shoot me because I am adventurous…

Anyways, the GRAND FINALS of one of the biggest online game contest will be held in Korea!

Darn, I am still stuck in San Francisco…if you want to help me go to Korea, buy a page on EntreWiki or One Buck Wiki! (I might be able to

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The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.

Coca Cola is partnering with Korean online games to promote online games through Coca Cola. I am guessing the one on the left is a representative from Coca Cola and the one on the right is probably the CEO of the Korean online games company???

Okay, here’s the answer:

For this purpose, KIPA dispatched Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group and working staff to Hong Kong and signed an

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