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Flickr 3D Tiltviewer!

Wow, these guys know how to make use of Flickr API. Here’s a 3D Tiltviewer that let’s you hop different Flickr pictures in 3D!

TiltViewer allows you to browse Flickr’s most interesting images in a 3D space. Images are pulled from Flickr’s Interestingness list.

TiltViewer w

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HOWTO use Internet Explorer in Firefox and protect yourself from spyware!

Here’s a quick 2AM post on how to use Internet Explorer in Firefox as a tab.

First, go to your Firewall application and deny Internet Explorer for incoming and outgoing network traffic. This will protect you against malicious IE hackers.

Second, download and install this cool IE tab Firefox extension for your Firefox.

Now, simply right click and select “View page in IE Tab” for any website you need to

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Apple…getting better, better, and better… boy Jobs can sell!


I prefer this 60 second overview of Steve Job’s speech at MacWorld this year in San Francisco. Although i rather play the Steve Jobs flash game

via m11ion.blogspot

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Make Windows XP Look Like Fedora Linux!

I’ve been always a big fan of Linux, (although I am stuck with Windows XP most of the time because all my apps are on there…but I did use Linux before with 3 VMs running Windows to solve that problem.) here’s a cool way to make your Windows XP “look” like Fedora.

Another simple way? Delete Windows and install Fedora. Lol…

What about you Linux fans? Do you have all things linux at home, but at your

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Mac Book Air Ad – cool…


Cool stuff… I think it’s dope dude.

Apple always, but seriously, always make a good ad. Even if it’s Christmas ad. There ads are almost every time only 30 seconds long, but they have this message inside of them. Really remarkable! Please take a look and tell us what you think about new MacBook Air ad!

via applewb

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SiteHoppin’ Entrecard Tech Blogs – Microcontroller AVR Oscilloscope

I’ve summed up all the tech blog on Entrecard on SiteHoppin so you can use the following link to “site hop” tech blogs:


We will be doing a special, “Site Hoppin'” through all Entrecard tech blogs and (hopefully) get an interesting post per each one.

Check out this AVR Oscilloscope. Nice hack…

This is one of great project based o

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USB Waterproof Mouse

Tight, these things are lovely.

Not the best looking USB mouse, but it does hold one unique characteristic…it’s waterproof. Yep, you can now browse the web, underwater, safe and secure. Putting some traditional yellow to signify the waterproof feature would help the look, but not by much.

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USB Domino Pen Drives!

Cool, now you can play dominoes with USB pen drives…

Each white dot denotes 1 gig of memory used. Not sure how useful that is but at least you’ll be ready for an impromptu street corner game of dominos.

via YankoDesign

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CES 2008 – Bill Gates Interview

Check out the interview with Bill Gates on SiteHoppin. Interesting.

In the first segment of our Bill Gates CES 2008 interview, we asked the difference between Apple’s approach and Microsoft’s approach when it comes to product releases. Apple steers clear of products that might be iffy in their first iteration—portable music rentals; DVR—whereas Microsoft rolls out stuff that may not be quite ready. B

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DIY – HOWTO create professional look to your cds using the DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer!


Wow, check this out. DYMO’s DiscPainter can help you create professional quality CD covers so you can keep working from home like me. :p

The DYMO DiscPainter creates excellent artwork for your CD’s and DVD’s, and it does it in a speedy fashion, but the real downfall of this device is the cost of operation. The device itself costs $280. The ink cartridges cost $39 a piece, which puts the the cost per disc at $0.39 for the cost of ink alone. You also have to factor in the cost of th

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