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Apple II Plus Computer Hacked as a USB Keyboard!

Maybe you have a bunch of old Apple computers lying around your house?  Why not hack your Apple II Plus computer as a USB keyboard?

Connecting an Apple II keyboard to a computer with USB is surprisingly easy with a Teensy board. Arduino (Teensyduino) code is available at https://github.com/afiler/keyduino . The Apple II uses an ASCII keyboard, which means that rather than returning scan codes, it returns a 7-bit ASCII value. This also means you can’t read the state of modifier keys like shift or control independently.

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DIY Etch-A-Sketch Computer Mouse!

Tired of browsing the web and using your computer on a mouse?  No worries, we will make it 10 times harder for you, you can make yourself a DIY Etch-a-sketch computer mouse.  Actually, this might work well for Photoshop since you can be a bit more accurate.

And while talking about Etch-A-Sketch, check out YouTube user EtchedInTime

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iPad Hack – How to Charge iPad via Computer USB Ports!

For those of you who have been complaining that your iPad doesn’t charge via a regular USB port on your computer or laptop, here’s some clarification from my friend Greg over at GetUSB.info that it will charge if you put it in sleep mode:

The iPad will power over USB ports with “high power” while in use.

    The iPad will [obviously] charge when used with the supplied 10 watt power adapter. The iPad will not charge over lower powered USB ports while “in use”  however, they will charge when asleep.
If the user gets the iPad message “Not Charging” yo

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Spy Hack – How to Spy on Someone’s PC Computer!

With Stealth iBot Computer Spy USB module, you can virtually record everything a person does on a PC computer.

To use, simply insert the USB spy module into the victim’s computer for 5 seconds while it installs stealth software in the operating system.

The stealth program will record everything your victim does with screenshots, passwords, and even keystrokes up to 1GB.

To retrieve, simply plug i

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Router Review – Fonera 2.0N Router Keeps Downloading After your Computer Turns Off!

Fonera 2.0N router maybe making some innovations far above traditional routers like ones from Linksys.  The Fonera router has bunch of cool features like ability to download bitorrent files by itself using its web GUI or even turn any USB device into a WiFi device by hooking up to its USB port.

That’s not all, according to Wired, the Fonera also can work freely on Fonera network on road for free WiFi: (and does not dry your bandwidth by as QoS is used to control guest WiFi users)

Owners who share their connections thusly get to use other Fonero’s networks when

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Headphone Hack – How to Make Simple Desktop Computer Wireless Headphones!

Here’s a real simple desktop computer wireless headphone you can make using a JVC wireless headphones instead of buying those $200-300 bluetooth headphones.

Did you know that there’s plenty of 12V and 5V DC lines you can use off your desktop computer to power a whole bunch of devices?  Well, this is a great example of that.

After [Parker] found an old set of JVC 900 Mhz wireless headphones (and a generic 900MHz transmitter), he cracked open the case to see what he could do w

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Firefox DIY – How to Shutdown Your Computer Automatically After Downloads are Finished!

For those of you looking for a solution to download all your files off the web and shut down your computer automatically when they are finished, you are in luck as there’s Firefox Autoshutdown plug-in that works on all types of computers including Windows, Mac, and linux.  (Of course, linux, you could probably script something instead or just leave it on as linux is a lot more secure than everything else out there.)

For detailed instructions on how to use this plug-in,

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Computer DIY – How to Clean Your CPU Fans!

Today, I decided to clean my desktop computer’s CPU fans since my computer kept slowing down a lot lately.  I knew it probably was due to my CPU fans collecting with dust as I have been using this desktop PC for about 2 years without any cleaning.

To my surprise, I found that it was indeed my CPU fans that weren’t working at all as the metal fins have been all stuck with large collection of dust.  You can see later in this DIY how dirty my CPU fan was…

So, here’s how to clean your CPU fans. (This is for most desktop PCs.)

1) First, you will nee

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Arduino Hack – DIY Ultrasonic Cat Water Dish Monitor/Twitter!


Check out this cool device that can monitor a cat’s water dish and also twits it to Twitter.

1. Arduino waits for serial communication from computer connected by USB. Upon request from the computer, it will take a water level reading and send it back. 2. The computer, an NSLU2 reflashed with Debian, sends a request every hour at “0″ minute for the current water level. It takes that level and creates a text file, the text file is then uploaded to t

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DIY Laser-Cut Plexiglas Speakers

Here’s an awesome set of DIY laser-cut plexiglass speakers, a really cool mod for your desktop speakers.  Plexiglas has always been one of the favorite materials to use for building speakers and this one is no exception to that rule, the plexiglas makes it look outstanding.

The result is a spectacular set of computer speakers that must sound as great as they look. It’s important that the knowledge of building electronics isn’t lost to the big companies.

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