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Listening DIY – How to Listen to the User and Become a Better Communicator!

I still regret the fact that I didn’t switch to communication major while going to college, ended up with a computer engineering degree and years of boredom in all-male classes.  Well, ironically, I ended up in my favorite major, blogging, all the while making use of my engineering degree too.

Here’s some great tips on how to become a great communicator by listening more:

Active Listening consists of a set of communication techniques that were originally developed by psychotherapists as a way of getting their clients to feel safe and open up. This involved establi

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Web Hack – How to Make Your Site Popular!

One of my favorite books is “Click” by Bill Tancer, it’s a book about how millions of people are clicking and why it matters.  Of course, I’ve devised my own plans on how millions of people are clicking and how to make them click 2-3 times more. (I will have a blog post on that too on my Adsense Optimization blog soon.)

Anyways, in the book Click, Bill Tancer goes into details about how people like to search “how to

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Job Hack – How to Get a Job Overseas!

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Although this blog isn’t about how to get a job, I will try to enlighten those people who just got out of college looking for jobs.

If you read my free E-book, you will know how I got this “job”, but let me summarize what I did to get a job in a bad economy few years ago.

I graduated from UC Davis with a deg

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DIY – Voice recognition system by students from Cornell


Here’s a cool DIY voice recognition system by computer engineering students at Cornell University. Nice job, keep up the good work!

When we think of programmable speech recognition, we think of calling FedEx customer service call center with automated voice recognition response systems. We also think of PC-based speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now we took that a step further. We are talking about speech recognition in a tiny M

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