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PC Hack – How to Passively Cool your Computer without PC Fans!

PC fans have always been a major component of PCs in the last decade but there’s a way you can passively cool your computer using no fans at all.  You can follow this cool DIY on how to passively cool your computer without any fans, it could be a great knowledge just in case you need to build a completely, noise-free computer.

I have wanted to build a fully passively cooled computer case since I had my first Athlon Thunderbird 800 MHz. That time the fan noise was amazingly high, and manufacturers didn´t much care about the noise levels, and

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DIY – How to Make your own Lunchbox Linux Firewall!

As an avid fan of Linux operating systems ever since I took Minix class, which Linux was born from, I love to hear about cool little DIYs on making a Linux firewall out of a lunch box.

The greatest thing about Linux operating systems in comparison to Windows or any other operating systems is that it can be easily custom tailored to do one thing whether that’s a web server, firewall, file server, or any type of server that requires stability at “no cost”.

This simple DIY s

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DIY Ford Bronco PC – I bet OJ Simpson wanted one

You know I ran into this post today, it’s a Ford Bronco PC. Well, the first thing it reminded me was OJ Simpson. Weird what the media could do to your mind. I try to stay off TV and any real news these days for that reason. Maybe one day I will buy my own island and live there with a dog and a cool boat.

Anyways, check out the Ford Bronco PC, all custom built from scratch, lovin’ the pics.

I started with the idea of an mp3 player for my

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DIY Wii HACK – Crazy Wii Case Mod – UV Hack Up


Tight, check out this crazy lookin’ Wii Case Mod, I wish they sold this at the store. Looks pretty simple to make though.

This Wii mod is one of the most extreme mods I have seen for the Nintendo

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Coolermaster COSMOS – Spacey Design – ATX Case Review

Wow, check out this new awesome lookin’ Coolmaster COSMOS SPACEY Design ATX CASE! I’d love to have a sample, will they send us a sample? (This line does work by the way, we’ve gotten so many cool samples from various different companies…yey! DragonLasers is sending us their latest laser soon for review also….)

Weighing in at close to 17kg, empty, this is not a case you’ll haul around to LAN parties through

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