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Shishavac for some Pot Smoking?

Shishavac seems to be a 21st century home appliance that’d complement hookas.  It’s really made for smoking stuff, we think it’d work great for pot smoking too.  This is probably on pothead’s ultimate gadget wishlist.

Thik of it this way, it’s a vaporizer that works perfectly with your existing hookas so your lungs don’t get as much crap.  Make sure to hold it for 30 seconds…  no, we don’t condone pot smoking, it’s entertainment new

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Universal Notebook Batteries

Check out these universal notebook batteries that can power any laptop plus any USB peripherals including the iPod.

APC Universal Notebook Batteries provide your notebook computer with extra runtime from a single external battery pack. These batteries are lightweight and slim for maximum portability, perfect for situations when you won’t be near power outlets for extended periods of time, like on a plane, in a meeting or on the road. These Universal Notebook Batteries have selectable output voltages and come with a variety of notebook tips, m

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