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Is your blog hosted on a shared server? You are not serious then.

Is your blog hosted on a shared server such as BlueHost, Dreamhost, or whatever? Then you might be in for some surprises later down the road if you ever get more than 500 visitors per day. You can check how many websites are hosted on your shared server by entering your domain name at myIPneighbors.com.

I bet you though if you are on a hosted server, you will most likely find at least 10 other websites. Yes, this is bad.

When I first started blogging, I also started on a cheap $100/year hosting from bluehost.com. No shared hostin

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reliance on GPS -> Mercedes Splash

Ouch! This woman sent her Mercedes into a river by trusting her GPS instead of common sense. Good thing I don’t use one myself. Although I love tech, sometimes I feel you lose all the fun when a machine tells you where to go. Best way for me? Learn by feel and getting lost…

So far, over-dependence on GPS devices has resulted in more inconvenience than actual danger, but things took a turn for the worse earlier this month when a

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