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Linux Desktop GUI GNOME 2.26 Released!

Gnome 2.26, one of my favorite Linux GUIs, was released today.  Take a look and see how it is.

GNOME 2.26 is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. GNOME’s focus is ease of use, stability, and first class internationalisation and accessibility support. GNOME is Free and Open Source Software and provides all of the common tools computer users expect of a modern computing environment, such as e-mai

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DIY – How to Make a PVC Pipe Flute!


Can’t afford a real flute?  Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own PVC pipe flute!

Here’s a HowTo on building a pvc recorder out of cheap parts (pvc pipe and dowel rod) and common tools.

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