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Toaster Drive for PCs or Macs!

I must admit I do spend an awful amount of time in front of my computer and there’s always need for some nice toasted bread.

Here’s a Toaster Drive that will fit on any 5.25″ drive bays and you can connect it to your PC power supply for power.

How cool is that?

Now, I have a toaster to make myself breakfast without having to leave my comfy (and cheap) IKEA chair.

We listen to Gamers and what product do they want the most? Turns out Gamers crave toast. Enter the CrazyPC 5.25 Bay Toaster. What better way

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Snowboarder’s Sleep Dream – Pipe Hotel

Check out these really cool pipe hotel’s beds on rooms. It’s small but it’s quite comfy with ability to accidently roll over. The cool pipe slices are made up of bigger, giant pipes. (obviously) But, this is great way to re-using industrial surplus pipes into a modern comfy room. This is not a joke, the real thang.

Mit der Saisoneröffnung am 4 Mai startet dasparkhotel als eine neue Form eines Gastfreundschaftsgeräts im öffentlichen Raum 2007 bereits in seine dritte S

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Music Sofa

Check out this cool space-age music sofa. I wonder how it balances…

Designed by Giongkun Wuqiongkun, this curved seat has enough cushions to keep you comfy, but also packs in a CD player for pumping the tunes to the large built-in speaker units. And if that’s not enough for you, it’s also got wireless functionality, so you can pull in tunes from elsewhere if you wish.

via techdigest

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