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DIY Wooden Combination Lock!

Probably not the best idea to build a lock using wood but still, this is a great example of things you could build with wood.  Brilliant!

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USB Flash Drive Combination Lock!

Here’s an interesting gadget that does make sense for those of you still not encrypting your data on your USB flash drives.

Of course, a better way is to software-encrypt your data but for those of us in hurry, you might be able to protect your data using this new USB lock.  Maybe they can make a digital version of this combination lock.

Or even better, get a fingerprint-enabled USB flash drive.

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DIY HACK – How to Make RGB Door Combination Lock!

Here’s a creative way to make an RGB Door combination lock.  This will really confuse any intruders from breaking in.

Putting a custom designed electronic lock on your space seems like a geek right of passage. For our latest workspace, we decided to skip the boring numbered keypad and build a custom RGB backlit keypad powered by an Arduino. Instead of typing in numbers, your password is a unique set of colors. In today’s H

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