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Furniture DIY – How to Make a Coffee Table from Road Signs!

Here’s a great DIY showing you how to make a coffee table from old road signs you picked up (stole) on the interstate highway!

By the way, my college roommates (few years back) did steal a bunch of road signs.  They eventually got caught with the law, they had to do some volunteer work picking up trash.  Just some advice. 🙂

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Table Hack – How to Make a Coffee Table Scale!

Do you need a cool, retro-lookin’ scale that will double as a coffee table?

Guus Oosterbaaan has made this awesome, little coffee table scale for measuring 10 kilos.  Now, this could be a stylish way to weigh out “things”.

It can carry up to 10 kilo’s, when the weight gets too heavy, the mechanism hits the door-stop (at the bottom of this picture) so the able can carry any weight.

via hackaday

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Furniture DIY – How to Make a Coffee Table with Antique Windows!

I tend to repeat my IKEA-horror story on how I bought over $1000 of coffee tables in the last couple years and they ALL BROKE!

But yes, it might be a great time for me to actually make one myself, at least I don’t have to blame IKEA for outsourcing their furniture to China.

My mother wanted a unique, traditional and modern coffee table. I found some old antique wooden windows at a flea market, and designed this coffee table around them.

via instructables

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IKEA Hack – How to Make a Kitchen Countertop Shelf!

IKEA has probably the cheapest, nicest furniture ever.  Nevermind the fact that 2 coffee tables I have bought from IKEA in the last 2 years have all broke, there’s always room for little hacking such as this cool Kitchen Countertop Shelf that will create a lot of extra space for your kitchen gadgets such as bowls, pans, and whatnot.

I have seen IKEA go from nothing to a national retailer in America and I have to say IKEA is still cheap furniture (I will never buy a coffee table from IKEA ever again) but hacking makes them better.


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Pinball DIY – How to Make a Pinball Coffee Table!

What a fantastic idea!  Learn how to make a pinball coffee table that you can actually play or use it as a coffee table.

This is a coffee table built from the playfield of a pinball machine. It is pretty easy to build and best of all, it lights up! It was inspired by a bar in Seattle called Shorty’s, which has tables similar to these in its booths. My girlfriend and I both love pinball. We met at a pinball convention, and we both regularly attend pinball events and tournamen

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Today on Bedzine

Okay, here’s some interesting reads on Bedzine today:

Learn how to build a loft bed here.  You can revitalize your livingroom with some wood grain cushions.

The DIY Coffee Table is a great gift for engineers and other creative people. (including me)

The world should be fuller of these type of

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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Computer Table with Galvanized Pipes!

If you are a plumber or simply have a LOT of extra galvanized pipe parts laying inside your garage, you might want to consider making a cool computer table with those extra parts.  Just remember, the galvanized pipes do have leftover resin and oil so you don’t want to build this for your kids, maybe as an extra table in your lonely garage where you can play poker with friends.

Rory connected inexpensive black pipes from Home

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What you missed Last Weekend [Roundup]

Unlike people who miserably suffer from 9 to 5 jobs (my former self), Zedomax.com keeps on feeding the author food and housing, meaning you have some interesting tech reads.

Here’s what you missed last weekend:

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LED Coffee Table from Sparkfun!


Remember those DIY Coffee Tables from Evil Mad Scientists?  Well, here’s a similar one from Sparkfun.

“The table itself was bought secondhand and refinished. Then it was retrofitted with proper mounting for the big LED matrix. The individual LED matrices were mounted on a custom plastic frame. All this work was done by resident mechanical engineer and lady-killer Casey Haskell. The matrices

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“Periodic Table” Coffee Table

This beautiful Coffee Table embeds a whole Periodic Table” for those of you who simply can’t get enough with the table in your head alone.

Close-up pics reveal that the table itself doesn’t define what the element is, rather a sample of each element is buried inside as solid block of acrylic.

(The only question I have is, does the table also come with radioactive elements too?)

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