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Coffee DIY – How to Make Latte Art!

If you have seen some Latte art at your local coffee shop, you might be interested to learn that you can make latte art yourself, here’s a video. (and more here)



Laptop Lift Stickers!

One of the main reasons why your laptop dies after a year of use is usually related with your CPU fan and heat.

Laptop manufacturers have been making laptops with fans on the bottom and if you place it on a flat surface, that can be a big source of heat problems.

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there but I see a simpler solution with these Laptop Lift Stickers that will raise your laptop slightly off those flat surfaces, allowing

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The Cable Guy? No, it’s the Starbucks Guy!

Here’s a cool setup of your whole computer at Starbucks by this random dude.

YES, he practically brought his whole Mac setup to the coffee shop.  I am surprised they didn’t kick him out….yet.

via techeblog

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MyVu Crystal Lets you see Media in Your Eyes!

Check out this MyVu Crystal that you can hook up your iPod and watch videos/podcasts.

It looks awesome but I wonder how the actual quality is…

Introducing Myvu Crystal: watch what you love, when you want and look great doing it. Featuring SolidOptex® — the Myvu patented optical system — Crystal transforms your portable media player into a hands-free, full-screen private viewing experience. All that within the thinnest, lightest and most durable video eyewear available.

– Full VGA quality — our highest resolu

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