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Javascript DIY – How to Code Faster with jQuery Plugins!

jQuery is basically javascript extended, helping you get things done faster instead of you trying to code javascript from scratch.  I just noticed on Twitter TripWireMagazine.com has a great blog post on Top 25 jQuery plugins that can help you finish your web project faster.

I’ve been working hard on TwitLi.st for last few weeks and regret I didn’t use any jQuery libraries instead I coded every single line of

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Myspace Hack – How to re-design your Myspace with DIVs

Blurg. MySpace is one of the ugliest social sites out there. But you can make it pretty with some simple coding. This video has some great tips on how to make a clean slate out of you MySpace page.

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Add a Bar-code Scanner to ur App

Do u need a Bar-code scanner for your app?

Today we will try to use a Metrologic Voyager Bar-code scanner to scan a coke bottle, Jagermeister bottle, CT1721 Start Kit Bard code label, and yes, UPS tracking number.

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