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DIY Replica Fighter Jet goes 5MPH!

Check out this cool DIY replica fighter jet that can actually run at 5MPH.  Of course, that’s on the ground only but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage, great for weekend neighborhood showoffs.

Measuring seven metres in length and four metres in width the £4,000 F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet has been built at a scale of 1:2.

Resembling Tom Cruise’s jet out of Top Gun, it took 3,500 hours to construct the model.

The plane is constructed from iron, wood, hard foam, fibreglass and lots of epoxy filler, c

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SX02 Flight Simulators with Surround Sound and 3 LCDs!

SX02 Flight Simulators with Surround Sound and 3 LCDs!

For gamers and flying enthusiasts, having a SX02 Flight Simulator in the house might not be such a bad idea.  Afterall, the SX02 Flight Simulators come loaded with surround displays (3 LCDs) and every control, peripheral you need to enjoy a good virtual flight in your livingroom.

There’s no cost information on the product page but do expect to drop at least couple grand on a setup like this.  (Better yet, go build one yourself with a real ejaculated jet plane seat.  But don’t ejaculat

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Did you say Lego Batmobile, Batman, and Robin???

That’s right, we said it. Batmobile, Batman, AND Robin is here in LEGO style.

Care to replicate them yourself? Or maybe you can print out the pics and hand them to your kids.

One of his recent creations is this rather spectacular, unbelievably detailed (dig the Bat Phone in the cockpit) ’66 Batmobile he made for a builder challenge. He even created scale-sized Batman and Robin figures that fit inside. Lego would do well to license this design and sell it, as we’d be at Toys ‘R Us with money in hand.


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Automatic Pilot Helicopters – MIT profs create autonomous UAVs

The MIT Team is using DraganFlyer helicopters, Gentoo Linux,

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Video – Cockpit Views

[gv data=”TXBSLXJNfOQ”][/gv]

Cool cockpit views, get a glimpse of what the pilots see!

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