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Recommended Coasters

Electronic Component Coasters!

My friend Alan over at HackedGadgets has started selling his really cool electronic component coasters, only $9.99 each.   I am gonna get a bunch of them when I move into my new home, which I am waiting on the reply from the bank for a short sale.

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iPhone Coasters!

Here’s a cool set of iPhone coasters you will enjoy.

via technabob, source


Pixel Art Coasters!

Pixel Art Coasters!

Here’s a fun way to add digitized pixels into your over-digitized life.  It’s a Pixel Art Coaster that can be attached to your dining table or any other furniture.

They’re made from a resilient paper fiber that should hold up to the condensation you might get on the bottom of your cup, or the occasional spill. In addition to the blue palette (which I prefer), there’s also a hot pink version if you’re looking for something a bit more girly.


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