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World’s Highest Popping Toaster!


Okay, do not buy this toaster because you probably won’t be able to catch your bread but it’s really cool.

CO2 Gas Powered…and now Officially the highest popping toaster in the world accord to the Guiness Book of Records

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Czeers MK1 Solar Speed Boat

The Czeers MK1 solar speed boat runs completely on solar power, total of 14 square meters photovoltaic solar cells mounted on all of its top surface.

The solar speed boat is supposedly world’s first solar powered speedboat.

Czeers MK1 comes built with carbon fiber everywhere for light weight and durability.

The boat’s top speed?

The MK1 can go up to 30 knots, an amazing feat for a boat completely powered by the sun with no CO2 gas or any other pollution-causing fumes.

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