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VIDEO – LeBron James Hits the 3-pointer at the Buzzer with 0 Seconds Left in the Game!

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the basketball game in years, perhaps during the years of Michael Jordan when he used to pull off stuff like this.

LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers, my favorite NBA player right now, hits the 3-pointer at the buzzer with ZERO seconds left in the game.  See the ball and the timer at “0.0”?

Up to that point, the Cavs were behind by 2 points, I really thought LeBron had to make a 2-pointer somehow but he made a THREE!  BOOMSHAKALAKA!

I know the Cavs will go all the way now to win the Championships, I certain

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Zedomax Celebrates Thanksgiving!

Yey, I am up early today and today’s thanksgiving, time to celebrate and be thankful for everything that has happened including just the fact that you are alive.

I want to shout out to our current blogger Andrew, who has been helping me out while I am converting all the blogs in the network to “blog search engine”.  Well, I will also have updated version of the Zedomax Search Engine WordPress Theme available free of charge.  (The current version has some bugs and I need to fix some CSS for IE6)

I am also planning

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Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle!



As a owner of a Suzuki GSX-R600 which does 0 to 60 in about 3.4 seconds (ahem…), I love this new Suzuki!!!

Well, I don’t think Bikes have to be more eco-friendly than they are right now at 50MPG (ahem….), but it’s a good thing I guess if your motorcycle can run on hydrogen fuel cells too.

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DIY Homemade Gate Controller using Picaxe Microcontroller!


Here’s a fun little DIY homemade gate controller for all you DIYers!

here are the gates i put in when we had are first child so she would not run out on the road i had this idea i would put motors on them this was not as easy as i thought i started with a 12v window motor with a rightangle drive but you can not drive the motor backwards so i could open the gates with out power you need to put a clutch in line

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