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Clock DIY – How to Make a “Pong” Clock!

Lady Ada intros her latest project, the “Pong” Clock. It’s cool because time only changes when a player loses.

I would also like this to be implemented with a Tetris game, that would be a lot of fun to watch and kill time. Or even better, your dog or cat might enjoy watching it for hours non-stop.

Based on Atmega328 microcontroller, the Pong clock can be hacked to your liking using the open-source code provided here.

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Christmas Gift Idea DIY – How to Make Clock with Your Child’s Photo!

Here’s a rather simple but would-make-an-awesome-gift clock you can learn how to make using your child’s photo.  Of course, when it hits noon or midnight, your child isn’t going to look his/her best with the legs and upper body smashed up but your child is probably busy then either sleeping or in school. (or I hope)

It looks expensive, but is less than $5 dollars, and about 30 minutes per clock. Perfect for Christmas Gifts, birthday gifts, end of school year gifts or any other time.

Kids, especially those learning to tell time, always get excited abo

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