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Kitchen DIY – How to Clean Your Electric Tea Kettle with Calcium Buildup!

Here’s a quick way to clean your electric tea kettle that might have built up with calcium deposits over the years, simply boil it with some vinegar and water!

If you have an electric tea kettle with a bit of calcium build-up on the heating element, don’t fret. Simply boil a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, then empty. The calcium will flush out along with the vinegar mix, leaving your tea kettle fresh, new and smelling cleaner than ever.

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Garden DIY – How to Clean Your Yard with Rental Goats!

You know, everytime I go to the zoo, one of my favorite animals to pet are the goats.  They are so friendly and cool.  But I guess goats can be used to clean all those unwanted bushes in your garden/yard as they can practically eat anything!  This is such a great idea, especially if you have been resorting to machines and other methods that pollute our environment and add to the carbon footprint.  And yes, “rental” goats.  If you do rent some goats, I am sure your kids would

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Jewelry DIY – How to Clean Your Jewelry using Ultrasound!

For those of you still taking your jewelry to the shop for cleaning, there’s a better way and you can do it all at home using one of these awesome Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaners.

you can use one of these Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners that will get rid of dirt and dust particles using 42,000Hz of ultrasonic waves. Not only is this safer but your jewelry will thank you for it.

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Computer DIY – How to Clean Your CPU Fans!

Today, I decided to clean my desktop computer’s CPU fans since my computer kept slowing down a lot lately.  I knew it probably was due to my CPU fans collecting with dust as I have been using this desktop PC for about 2 years without any cleaning.

To my surprise, I found that it was indeed my CPU fans that weren’t working at all as the metal fins have been all stuck with large collection of dust.  You can see later in this DIY how dirty my CPU fan was…

So, here’s how to clean your CPU fans. (This is for most desktop PCs.)

1) First, you will nee

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Mac Hack – How to Clean CPU Fan and Replace Hard Disk on a PowerBook G4!

Recently, one of my friends who is a plumber in San Francisco, gave me an old PowerBook G4.  Well, since I am not an Apple fan boy (sorry Apple fan boys), I’ve figured I can install Windows XP.

I ran into the big problem that Windows XP is not supported on a PowerPC CPU, which is what the PowerBook G4 has.  Since I do also run a bunch of linux machines at my home, I figured I could run some linux on the PowerBook.  It turns out the

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Nintendo Hack — How to clean NES game cartridges

The classic Nintendo will forever be my top pick as the best gaming platform ever made. But, if you’re like me, you’ve run into the flashing red light of doom! (The original Blue Screen Of Death.)

As it turns out, the red light is telling you your games are dirty and, thankfully, it’s easy to clean them. I bet you even have everything you need to clean them — Q-Tips and window cleaner — in your bathroom right now.

Check it out:

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Cool new blogging site for newbie bloggers…

Cool new blogging site that looks, in one word, “clean”… There are multiple features available to the public newbie blog user in comparison with other blogging sites such as the blogger.com and whatnot…

Besides all the basic features of a social networking site, Vox includes extensive privacy controls, a tag cloud for blog posts and a beautiful WYSWIG composition page. Privacy levels are a big part of the company’s strategy, Meena Trott in particular has been talking for some time about how the future of blogging will be

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