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#StunGunAbuse Prison Officer Zaps Children with a 50K Stun Gun!

This is what’s wrong with America, stun guns that let law enforcers to use freely at will, including prison officers who “zap” children to teach them a lesson?

NO, it doesn’t make sense, please don’t zap ANYONE for no reason.  You should only really use it when it’s completely necessary, and tasering a naked man is stupid too.

I say it’s time for us citizens of America to stand up and make a new law that will incriminate any police officers who use it in situations

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Ad Hack – Barack Obama Ads show up in an Xbox360 Game!

It’s funny but I really think this Obama’s campaign managers are a LOT smarter than McCain’s people.  It’s probably due to the fact that Obama’s employees are “younger” (although I can’t prove it), or at least he must have hired smart Web 2.0 guys who play a lot of Xbox360.  Add to the fact that Obama’s website gets more web traffic than McCain here.

Anyways, it looks like Obama’s team did some good

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Navevo GPS catered to Disabled Citizens!

Navevo has released their new GPS capable of helping disabled citizens more than your iPhone GoogleMaps.  I guess the bad news is that this GPS is really custom-made for U.K. as of now and we probably won’t see them in the states.  (but I might be wrong, please feel free to correct me as always)

This GPS’s distinguishing feature is that it displays many special parking spots, and 20,000 Blue Badge POIs as well as 60,000 other POIs. Navevo teamed up with PIE (Public Information Exchange) to help discover and add disabled parking lots to th

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Sunscreen Banned in Yankee Stadium! (Oh No, it’s a Bomb! – Wait, you can’t say bomb in America remember?)

The Yankee Stadium security team has recently found sunscreen to be a dangerous lethal weapon.  They are banning all sunscreens from entering the Yankee Stadium.

That’s right folks, make sure to put your sunscreen on your skin before entering the stadium.  If you happen to forget, just be ready for cancer-causing UV rays to enter straight into your pores for 3-4 hours.

Some people have retaliated by suing the city of New York as this new screening process puts most of their dumb citizens (who forget to put sunscreen on beforehand) un

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