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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Radiation Detector Geiger Counter!

Geiger Counter is a device that can detect radiation. Check out this great guide on how to make your own radiation detector, free circuit schematics provided.

If you live in a highly radioactive environment, this might be a fun project to build and find out whether land around your house has radioactive activity.

via hackedgadgets

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Load-Sensing Power Switch!

One of our readers asked me if I can find him a circuit that will allow him to control his printer and other peripherals when he turns his computer on.  Here’s a simple load-sending power switch circuit I found over at aaroncake.net.

This circuit will turn on the “slaves” when the “master” load is turned on, could work perfectly for that I think.

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Circuit Hack – How to Make an E-Mail Alerting T-Shirt!

Here’s someone who used Arduino and a bluetooth module to create an e-mail alerting T-shirt that receives number of new e-mails you have via an Android phone. Very clever and great idea as you can easily convert it into something like an e-mail alerting box that could prove to be very useful for people who need to be constantly checking their e-mails.  Best part is that the author has provided free source code.  Brilliant idea.

And, he

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Phone Line Tapping/Recording Device!

One of the rudimentary cool circuits to build is a phone line tapping/recording device, this device is actually one of the reasons that got me interested in circuits.  I still remember buying these 300-page circuit books filled with cool little circuits such as this when I was 9 years old.

One thing this circuit improves upon the old age phone line tapping circuit is that it uses a microcontroller that sends the data to your PC via USB, certainly something we need these days, not just an analog circuit.


This is defini

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Moisture-Sensing Soil Sensor!

For those of you out there applying your circuitry skills for gardening and yo need a bunch of moisture-sensing soil sensors, you might want to try making your own moisture-sensing soil sensors from nails, and plaster of Paris.

According to the author, this is how the soil sensor works:

As water is added to the problem more electrons can pass between the probes effectively reducing the amount of resistance between the problem to the point when it is fully saturated

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Functional Keyboard Out of Paper and Aluminum Foil! [WOW]

I’ve been using commercial keyboards for all of my hacking life and I have to say when I first saw this functional keyboard made from paper and aluminum foil, I was IMPRESSED!

Nevermind how much money you can save but think about the customizations you can do.  You could probably even make a full QWERTY keyboard if you wanted to.

Anyways, great instructable, highly recommended for those of you Arduino/other microcontroller modders to take a looky here.

The rea

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Light Bulb Alarm Clock!

For those of you who want a gentle alarm clock that doesn’t use annoying loud sounds (which can stress you out when you wake up in the morning), you might want to look into this cool light bulb alarm clock that uses a PIC microcontroller and a circuit off an old alarm clock.

Also, if you are interested in even a gentler alarm clock, take a look at the RGB Orb alarm clock I made couple years back here.

“First I wrote s

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