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FCC May Regulate Cellphone Early Termination Fees

Yes!  As a owner of 5 cellphones in the last 2 years, I think it’s time that consumers start fighting back against stupid contract termination fees which I paid about 3-4 times while trying to find the fastest cellular internet service.  (which ended up as Sprint.  AT&T (Cingular), T-mobile, Verizon, they all suck.

Cell phone companies routinely charge customers $175 or more for quitting their service early. Under a proposal to the Federal Communications Commission, the

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Search for the fastest Sprint MotoQ vs. Sprint Samsung IP-830W


Here’s a video test showing internet speed performance between Sprint MotoQ and the Sprint Samsung IP-830W as promised on the previous post.

Although I just broke my bank getting these two phones…

I hope these phones will do the trick and let be blog on the go… If not, we will have to cancel more contracts and get some new faster phones. (wtf)

The test results shows us that there is really no

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CELLPHONE BATTLE – Cingular Samsung Blackjack vs. Sprint Moto Q


As an update to the previous HSDPA vs. EDVO article, here’s a horrible video of speed test between a Cingular Samsung Blackjack vs. Sprint MotoQ. (I was at a party and one of my friends had a Cingular Blackjack, so I had to take a video.)

Anyway, the test shows “zedomax.com” loading up. Sprint MotoQ loads much much faster.  (Now I can comment back on the go 5 times faster!)

We just got our ha

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Samsung Blackjack Unpacking


Wow, this is some great stuff…i am jealous…hehe… I need 3G…noW!!!

I’ve received my (Cingular) Samsung Blackjack and here’s a video that shows what’s in the box. After a full charge and a few problems with the service activation (Amazon screwed it up, apparently) I got the thing up and running with UMTS (3G) data connect. After a couple of hours, my first impression is that it blows the pants of my Treo 700w in virtually every aspect. I’m currently testing the battery life so keep an eye on Ubergizmo

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How to get out of your Cingular contract, legally.

This is a funny article on how to get out of your Cingular contract. If anyone tried it, let us know.

via hackszine

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Touchscreen Keypad Performance Test HTC 8125 vs. CuTOUCH CT1720


Well, I know I’ve been rambling about how sh#$@y my phone is but here’s a performance test between a 200 Mhz based mobile device and an 20Mhz based touchscreen controller.

Not exactly the best test for this but I figure I can get my word out about what you’d expect from a HTC 8125. But my HP PocketPC Jornada (I don’t think they make it anymore) does

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Cingular HTC 8525 400Mhz with 3G

Wow, this is nice phone, but 400Mhz might still be kinda slow for PocketPC…

It’s still forwarding us back to the old-skool 8125’s product page at the moment, but a tipster has managed to coax Cingular’s site into giving up the goods on the 8525 — Buy Now link and all. We’re guessing it has something to do with region or Premier account status, we’re not sure, but the point is that a select few are able to place their orders for Cingular’s

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Nokia E62 with QWERTY keyboard only $149!

This phone is great! Now I need one…

We wrote about the E62 a little while ago, but in case you’ve forgotten, this is Nokia’s Motorola Q killer. It’s got a bigger screen2.8 incheswhich equates to a slightly bigger handset. It does push email using the Blackberry system, but its EDGE connection feels downright pokey next to the EVDO we see on Verizon’s Q. Another gripe we have is that you have to pull the ba

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