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Top 20 Things to do When GMail is Down!

It looks like GMail is having some big problems today, bigger than I have ever seen.

Anyways, don’t be too worried, just relax and enjoy life, here’s some fun things to do while GMail is down:

Go to tweet about your GMail being down on Twitter. Go see how many tweets there are about GMail being down on Twitter. Blog about GMail being down like I am doing right now. Pick your nose and wonder when you can use GMail again.

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USB Powered E-Cigarette from Thanko!

For a nicotine addicts like me who simply cannot get out of smoking the cancer sticks, this USB Powered E-cigarette might be a healthier alternative.  I said it could, my favorite cigarettes are still going to be Marlboro Lights.  (If I am in Korea, it will be This)

Anyways, check it out, it might be worth your time and possibly sav

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Zippo Hack – How to Turn Your Zippo into a Mint Dispenser!

Tab Dock is a new Zippo insert from Japan that will turn your regular ol’ Zippo into a cool looking Mint Dispenser.  As an avid smoker who have previously used Zippos a lot, I think this may help stop my cigarette cravings while the alternative mints might also do some good too.

via ohgizmo

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Kool Boost Cigarettes with a Powerball!

Here’s an interesting new type of cigarette that lets you squeeze extra menthol by squeezing the butt-end of the cigarette.  Of course, this won’t help cure or lessen cancer…duh!

Video after the jump!


The key to Kool Boost is the powerball – a cobalt blue plastic globe of concentrated menthol flavor that responds to pressure by releasing more menthol into the smoke stream. In effect, smokers can adjust each cigarette to their preferred level of coolness. That

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32.2 Watt Folding Solar Panels!

Here’s another nice folding solar panels for your laptop and other gadgets.

Ruggedized blue nylon folding solar panel. Designed for the most demanding conditions. This is our most popular panel, 32W of honest output in full sun. This panel provides solar “heavy lifting” under rugged conditions. You can rely upon this panel. 18 to 20VDC open circuit voltage. Current 2.3A full sun. Cigarette socket connector.

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