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Blog Break – Max goes to Ocean Beach with his girlfriend’s brother’s dog, Za!


As I promised, I did go to the beach earlier. The one great thing about the beach is that you can see the never-ending ocean.

What does that do for you?

Well, basically, you look at the ocean and forget everything and feel relaxed. Whenever I feel

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Christmas DIYs – Go make yourself one of Zedomax’s LED Christmas Tree!


Wow, it’s been almost a year since we’ve made some Christmas DIYs. To bring them back to life, we are featuring it here again and well tell you to go make yourself one by following our directions here.

BTW, we are going to go buy a real Ch

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Laser Christmas tree


Yey, Laser Christmas tree!  It’d be great if you had a Christmas Rave in your house.

via MakeZine

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Pac-Man Christmas Tree!


Wow, a Pac-Man Christmas Tree! It’d be cool if you could play it.

via Make

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a Christmas Tree Projector!

If you ever need to prepare for Christmas this year and you DON’T want to bring a real Christmas tree into your house, you can prepare yourself right by making one of theses Christmas Tree Projectors! (Warning, your cat or dog might think it’s real…)

This device, projects an image of a Christmas tree onto the wall. The size of the image ranges from only a few inches to about 5 feet depending on how far away from the wall

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