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100 Feet Tall Christmas Tree!

I spotted a “real” 100-feet tall Christmas tree at The Grove in Los Angeles the other day.  Pretty cool huh?  Used Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20mm lens.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  I took a photo of the giant Christmas tree in downtown San Francisco the other day, I hope you enjoy it!

It’s been a ton of fun this year, blogging all year long, thanks everyone for visiting this small, humble blog, hopefully we will get better as years go on.

Merry Christmas!

Also, here’s a random Christmas Carol I spotted in Macy’s:


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Super Mario Christmas Tree! [Image]

Nicely done Mario!  via techeblog

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Twitter Hack – How to Make a Twitter-Controlled Christmas Tree!

For those of you looking for a little fun remote automation project for the holidays, here’s one, the Twitter-controlled Christmas Tree!

To choose the color of our tree, just send a color to @tweet_tree on Twitter.

@tweet_tree red, green, purple, green, p, g, r, b

@tweet_tree understands red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Send one color, or combination of colors to morph through. Separate multiple colors with a c

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Christmas Eco DIY – How to Make a Christmas Tree with Hardback Books!

Here’s an awesome Christmas “eco” DIY that you can try if you don’t want to chop up a real Christmas tree this year and save some trees, learn how to make a Christmas tree w/ hardback books!

For one, I know my relatives bought a small, fake plastic Christmas tree this year but this could be even a better eco-alternative to that.

Kudos for such a great idea!

I know, I know, you want a real Christmas tree.  But I had a thought the other day, what if EVERYONE started not using real trees for Christmas?  We’d save millions of trees ev

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DIY HardDisk Christmas Tree!

Check out this really cool DIY Harddisk Christmas tree.  Of course, don’t forget about my Soju Christmas tree and the LED Christmas tree either.

At our work we were decomissioning six old HP/Compaq servers to clear up space for new servers and, naturally, each server had a fairly large raid array. Instead of formatting ev

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Christmas DIY- How to put up a real christmas tree

So, it might be your first Christmas away from home and I don’t want anyone without a tree!

Just watching this How To has made me even more excited to get home this year.

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Zedomax Christmas DIYs

In case you haven’t checked out what we’ve been digging up lately, you can click on the pictures below and check them out!

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HOWTO Solder – The basics of soldering, photo gallery

If you are trying to make any one of our Christmas DIYs including the ones below, you will need to learn to solder. Soldering is not really complicated, you just stick a little bit of Lead to the soldering tool and that’s pretty much it but here are some pictures to do it the “text-book” way.

EPE Magazine has a good gallery and text on the basics of soldering… “These

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DIY HACK – More LED Christmas Trees!

[gv data=”7VvuOF2dLx4″][/gv]

Don Stratton at Atomic Fireballs has improved on our Christmas tree with structural designs! Although his tree does not do a POV like ours We gives him two thumbs up for the nice pine tree structure.

About 2 weeks later MAKE Magazine’s RSS feed had a headline about

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