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Incredible Christmas Lights [Drive Thru]

Check out this another incredible array of Christmas Lights made using over 2 million Christmas Lights, WOW!

Lights Of Life Festival is an extraordinary drive through Christmas Lighting Display through out the campus of Life University in Atlanta, GA. This display features over 2 million lights.

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DIY Christmas Lights Guitar Hero! [AWESOME]


You probably thought the soccer version of Guitar Hero was really cool.  Well, for Christmas, this DIY Christmas Lights Guitar Hero brings new light into how you can spend the rest of this Christmas holiday season, sitting in front of your garage playing Guitar Hero of course!

Christmas Light Hero is using 7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs. Each controller has 16 outputs and 2-3 TTL level control inputs that are used

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Christmas DIY – How to Make Window Frame Christmas Lights!

You can probably just hand your Christmas lights on your window using some nails or make this Window Frame Christmas Lights, which are more stable, plus it’s going to make it easier on you to set it up on your windows year after year.

I’m no Clark W. Griswold Christmas light fanatic, but I do like the look of a nicely lit window during the holiday season.  The problem is that in order to look nice you have to hang each light on a separate clip.   So here is how I made some outdoor lighting window frames that are lite, strong and easy to put up and store away.

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Lamp DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle LED Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to make a wine bottle LED lamp!  The cool thing here is the idea, that you can recycle your own empty wine bottles with some LEDs and power to illuminate your livingroom.

Great stuff.

A simple lamp using an old win bottle and a string of Christmas lights. A great gift idea.

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Christmas Light Hack – How to make your Christmas lights sync with music

With Turkey Day done and Christmas on the way, I’d like to start sharing some Christmas related DIYs and Hacks. You know, just to get everyone in the right mood.

So check out this over-the-top way of making all your outside Christmas Lights sync with music:

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DJ Plasma LED Lights sync to your Music!


DJ Plasma LED Lights will sync to your favorite music simply by plugging into the line-in plug of the device.


DJ Plasma Indication Tube ON/OFF power switch Lightning or Music/Sonic switch Music/Sonic with Line in Adjustable tube lamp lightning strength level with a knob Universal usage Tube Length: 39 cm Tube

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Web-server enabled Christmas Tree that you can play with


Here’s a cool Christmas tree you can play with that is web-enabled!

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How Christmas Lights Work


Howstuffworks has a great article on how Christmas Lights work.

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Christmas HOWTO – X-10 Usage for PlanetChristmas


Ah ha, here’s a good X10 Solution for your Christmas lights. What is X10? It’s a communication via your existing AC power lines. Well this is more complicated the 5 minutes version we made the other day but still good info on

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DIY – Christmas Lights in your bathroom and more


Here’s a clever way of using a rope-type Christmas Light for your bathroom. There a lot more on this site that you should check out on Christmas Lighting howtos.

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