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Arduino Hack – How to Make 8-Channel Christmas Light Controller!

Couple years back, we got into simple DIY Christmas Light Controllers, well here’s a really cool DIY 8-Channel Christmas Light Controller, all made using an Arduino and some Solid State Relays.

I started my research right after Halloween and I came across a couple different options, but IĀ settled with the followi

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Voice “Activated” Christmas Lights

Wow, check out this voice activated Christmas Lights. You can get this to turn on or off you Christmas Lights based on what you say, such as “Turn ON dude!” and “Turn OFF dude!”.

Well you can build some really cool voice-activated lights here if you want some extra effects for this holiday. (We will be updating the picture of our Christmas Tree by Monday&#

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DIY HACK – PC controlled Christmas lights

This has been around for awhile but it’s a good DIY Hack on how to control Christmas Lights using your PC.

My main goal was to have a small box that would easily control many Christmas light circuits from one parallel port. I specifically wanted to use the parallel port so I could easily plug it into any PC. I did not want to have to open up PC cases and remove boards every tim

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