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Christmas DIY – How to Make a Wreath with an Old Book!

Christmas is almost here and I am sure many of you already have a wreath (you’ve bought from the store) but for those of you artist-type like people who haven’t, how about making your own Christmas wreath with an old book!  This is the coolest wreath ever!

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Christmas DIY – How to Make a Floating Christmas Tree!

For those of you looking for ways to make your Christmas Tree “cooler”, you might want to try making this floating Christmas Tree.  Actually, the Christmas Tree is hanging from the top but still, this might be a great mod to make more room for your Christmas gifts at the bottom.

A few years back the puddle under the tree said it was time for a new stand.  The faithful plastic one (with a cool built-in adjustable tilt feature) had cracked.  A scramble to find a new stand a few days before Christmas proved fruitless…with the popularity of artificial trees

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Christmas DIY – How to Have Great Christmas Holidays!

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Well, Christmas is right around the corner and this is the “only” time I seriously let loose and enjoy a holiday. (as most holidays are useless to me, I rather work on holidays)

If you want to have a great Christmas, you might want to make sure you don’t have to work on 24th through 26th at the least.

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Christmas by the way.  I’ve always thought it was just a great day to give and receive presents an

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Christmas DIY – How to Make Snow!

As a kid who grew up in real four seasons in South Korea, one thing I missed the most is the snow itself.  I know I can drive to Tahoe in about 3 hours to see snow but that’s different from actually being in snow all winter.

Well, for those of you in California or places that don’t snow during Christmas but you REALLY need snow, you can get the snow flake machine, which produces fake snow.

Also you will need the

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Christmas DIY – How to Make a Gingerbread House!

I remember how crazy my 5th grade teacher was crazy about gingerbread houses.  (And of course, I remember getting a detention for saying “shi*” when I tried to say “sheet” from the same teacher.   This was my 2nd year of learning the English language, my so-called “friends” thought it was fun to teach me swear words.  Yes, I still feel bitter about that. :p )

Anyways, if you want to make a cool gingerbread house, you can follow this great guide over

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Christmas DIY – How to Make Window Frame Christmas Lights!

You can probably just hand your Christmas lights on your window using some nails or make this Window Frame Christmas Lights, which are more stable, plus it’s going to make it easier on you to set it up on your windows year after year.

I’m no Clark W. Griswold Christmas light fanatic, but I do like the look of a nicely lit window during the holiday season.  The problem is that in order to look nice you have to hang each light on a separate clip.   So here is how I made some outdoor lighting window frames that are lite, strong and easy to put up and store away.

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Christmas DIY – How to Make Creative Christmas Wreaths!

Couple years back I made my own creative Christmas wreath out of fans and LEDs, here’s a bunch of crafty and creative Christmas Wreath ideas for the holidays.

I really like the fact that the author re-uses and recycles materials to build her Christmas Wreaths instead of buying them:

This month I decided to tackle the common Christmas wreath. Little did I know that there are many many many

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Zedomax Christmas DIYs

In case you haven’t checked out what we’ve been digging up lately, you can click on the pictures below and check them out!

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HOWTO Solder – The basics of soldering, photo gallery

If you are trying to make any one of our Christmas DIYs including the ones below, you will need to learn to solder. Soldering is not really complicated, you just stick a little bit of Lead to the soldering tool and that’s pretty much it but here are some pictures to do it the “text-book” way.

EPE Magazine has a good gallery and text on the basics of soldering… “These

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DIY HACK – More LED Christmas Trees!

[gv data=”7VvuOF2dLx4″][/gv]

Don Stratton at Atomic Fireballs has improved on our Christmas tree with structural designs! Although his tree does not do a POV like ours We gives him two thumbs up for the nice pine tree structure.

About 2 weeks later MAKE Magazine’s RSS feed had a headline about

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