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Potato Chopper lets you make In-N-Out French Fries!

Honestly, I have been studying the art of cooking french fries for the last 6 months or so.  The best french fries actually came from a frozen french fry company but this potato chopper will let you make fresh french fries just like the ones from In-N-Out.  (Well, so provided that you have an oil pan and the right heat for it)

I might seriously get one soon though.  (maybe they will send me a sample?  <– this always works)

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Garlic Chopper Chops Garlic Easy!

I love to cook and since I am an old-school kind-a-guy, I’d never buy something like this to chop garlic as my Chinese butcher knife probably works faster but if you are not such cook-savvy like me, you can buy this garlic chopper to help you chop garlic.

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