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Food Hack – How to Eat Chicken Wings, “the right way”!


Here’s a simple video showing you that you can actually enjoy chicken wings by taking the bones out first then grubbing on the meat, not the other way around. – link

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Animal Hack – How to Clip Chicken Wings!

Well, I’ve never been too close to live chickens too often in my life, simply due to the fact I enjoy cities more but if you want to learn how to clip chicken wings, here’s how to do it.  It can in fact save your chicken from escaping, getting lost, getting into fights with dogs, and lots of good stuff.

Chickens can’t fly as well as other birds, but they can flap their wings enough to carry them over fences and out of the coop. If you’ve got backyard free range chickens, clipping their wings is a must so that you chickens d

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