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Recommended Chess

Chess Set made from Recycled Auto Parts!

With all the nifty little stuff people can create out of recycled parts, here’s another cool chess set made from recycled auto parts.  Nice…

Combining art and function, Ramirez sculpts each piece from automobile parts — even the heads of the bishops are made of NGK and AC DELCO spark plugs!

via gizmo

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Cargo Bike for Moms

Here’s an interesting cargo bike that can carry your children to school instead of guzzling your 4×4 SUV.

The popularity of the machines is likely to have been boosted by Richmond raising the cost of a parking permit for a large-engined “gas guzzler” to £150. It is also considering charging £75 for an annual permit to drop children off at school by car.

Tony Juniper, direc

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