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Food Hack – HOWTO make Japapeno Pork Poppers!

Happy Friday, it’s time to make some good food for the weekend and nothing is the same without these Jalapeno Pork Poppers!

Yummy….food hacks are always nice for the weekend.

Stuffing something with cheese instantly makes it better. If you wrap it in bacon, UNSTOPPABLE! This instructable will show you how to turn a boring afternoon with some regular old jalapenos into a fiery fiesta!

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NASA’s new Spacesuits look more like a Body-Builder!

Check out the new spacesuits (on the right) that NASA has been working on.  It definitely looks more like a body builder now when you wear one.

NASA just awarded its future spacesuit contract to Oceaneering International. The US firm must now design, test, and produce two suits — the default suit (pictured after the break) worn on-board for launch and landing and a second, more versatile, cheese-proof suit worn during space walks and upon the surface of the moon.

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Never give up, especially your blog dude!

Lol, Mike from Bloggin-Ads posted a review about Zedomax Network. I didn’t ask for one but thanks for the link love Mike.

On the upside, we are actually getting 115K uniques for this blog.

On the downside, I am actually broke as hell but it’s sounds really good when you say I make a lot of money! Lol…

Anyways, David is no longer writing for us anymore because we are really running out of money. (again…)

But, what I’ve ex

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HOWTO make cheese and put a smile on your face

[gv data=”C6BakbxZlVQ”][/gv]

How to make cheese video will help you in understanding how to make cheese. Yes, sometime news can be as simple as that. Well, at least we think it’s pretty simply to do anything if you have the investments and the know-how. Right?

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Automatic infrared Door from Next Fest 2006

[gv data=”2UjFCGUfRow”][/gv]

All I can say is WOW!

Not the kind you’re used to. This door has many slats with infrared sensors on their tips. When you walk up to it, the slats slide out of the way, conforming to your body. We’ve written about this, but here’s a video of it in action.

via gizmodo

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