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FRAUD ALERT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS – Business Filings Division Scam!

There’s a lot of scam companies out there but today I was about to send a $239 check to the State of California and upon closer inspection, found a “clearly” scam/fraud company.

I just wanted to get the word out to other business owners who might receive similar letter from this scam company, they could be literally making millions of dollars from unsuspecting business owners and corporations.

Read more at my business blog here.

Talk about major fraud.  I don’t kno

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Bike Hack – How to Add a Garden to your Bike!

Are you a garden fanatic like me who waters and checks his grass daily?  Well, you no longer have to worry about your garden when at work, just put your garden ON the bike!

A window box for the cyclist who is always on the move, or cycle tourist needing nutritious strawberries and beansprouts.. or simply for someone without a garden….or a moron,(like me).

via instructables

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