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PC Hack – How to Build a Cheap PC for $131!

With the invent of Intel Atom processors, building a cheap PC is now possible for under $150.  Gizmodo has a great article showing you different ways you can build a PC on the cheap including the above tallying at $131.

Of course, I think the point of building your PC is so you maximize your budget, I would probably not build a PC myself unless I use the best CPU and parts.

Also see the post on building a gaming PC, a lot more fun.

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IKEA Hack – How to Make a Chandelier with Cheap IKEA Lamps!


Honestly, I have been boycotting IKEA because every furniture I bought there has broke in less than a year and plus, I don’t like having the same furniture as rest of my buddies.  Well, enough about that but there’s a great way to make a chandelier using a bunch of cheap IKEA lamps.

Perhaps, IKEA furniture can be useful after all, if you can hack it a bit to make something else with it.  As for me, I will have to boycott IKEA in favor of more expensive furniture that won’t break on me.

This Instructable shows you how to build large spherical lamps o

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Cheap HDMI to DVI Cable!

Here’s a really cheap HDMI to DVI cable for those of you who want to connect your computer/laptop to your monitor that has an input for DVI but not HDMI.

I think this is the cheapest I found right now at less than $1.

Btw, you don’t need to shell out like $40 to $60 at your local Best Buy, these cables to the same thing.  So long as they are digital, you won’t see any improvements by usi

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Photography DIY – How to Make a Cheap 40-inch Photo Reflector!

While you can actually buy a 40-inch photo reflector for about $40 on Amazon, you can also make it yourself for just $8.

If you are into photography, I think this is definitely a great way to save you some big bucks, especially if you need multiple photo reflectors for your next photo shoot.

So photography is not only a hobby of mine, but also more or less absolute necessity for what I do here on

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a Cheap Image Stabilizing Device for your DSLR Camera!

I have to admit that one of my future goals is to become a photographer.  After doing some quick shots on my Canon SD camera, I realized that to take awesome photographs, I would first need a DSLR camera with the right lense.  On top of that, these DSLR cameras are capable of shooting some really great theater-like HD videos.

Well, my hopes are on the

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HOWTO make a free wifi booster


Here’s a free wifi booster via techeblog. It seems like the wifi boost is very insignificant but it might do good for someone like me who has very bad wifi signals in my bedroom… Instead of buying a wifi booster, this can seem like a good alternative that only uses some paper and aluminum foil. Well, we will have to try it out and see if it reall works though…

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