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Rain DIY – How to Filter Harvested Rain Water for Drinking with Sand!

Looking to recycle rain water as your drinking water?  Well, it’s not a bad idea if you have a good filter and there’s a great guide that shows you how to filter harvested rain water for drinking with sand.  I bet you could probably even do this with charcoal.

Pollution, particles from the air, debris from the collection system (your gutters) are not things you want to find in your tall glass of ice water. Instead of investi

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Voltaic Generator Solar-Powered Laptop Bag Review!

The company called Voltaic Systems, have been making these awesome solar backpacks and laptop bags as of recently.  One of the latest products is the Voltaic Generator series, which features large solar cells on the side of the bag.  Not only does this laptop bag recharge your gadgets such as an iPhone, it also recharges your laptop, so long as you don’t own high-amp laptops, most likely from Fujitsu, Sony, or Toshiba.  But if you own Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, or Lenovo,

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Shishavac for some Pot Smoking?

Shishavac seems to be a 21st century home appliance that’d complement hookas.  It’s really made for smoking stuff, we think it’d work great for pot smoking too.  This is probably on pothead’s ultimate gadget wishlist.

Thik of it this way, it’s a vaporizer that works perfectly with your existing hookas so your lungs don’t get as much crap.  Make sure to hold it for 30 seconds…  no, we don’t condone pot smoking, it’s

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