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Watch(Tweet) Masters Live on Twitter!

As you know, today (and this weekend) I will be blogging less due to the fact that it’s Masters weekend.  If you are a super-duper golf fanatic like me, you should join me on my @ProGolferDigest Twitter for live commenting, retweeting, and more.

Yup, it pays to earn a living blogging so I can concentrate on golf this week!

Oh yeah, you can watch Master Live too here.

My favorites this week: Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Fred Coupl

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Bipedal Lawn Mowing Robot is Slow and has no obstacle sensors…


Here’s a cool bipedal robot that’s in the works

ne Mega-Dynamizer robot, one lawnmower, one lawn. Result: “nice try: bring on Version 2.0” The video is from Sugiura-san, creator of the Mega Dynamizer and ROBO-ONE champion roboticist. And while the robot doesn’t whizz about confidently like a Roomba for grass, probably doing a pretty patchy mow and taking that unfortunate tumble, it’s pretty impressive for a first attempt

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Midnight Update on the Laser Contest!

girrrrrrrr was on top for the whole month… Izl somehow starting commenting crazy since he started few days ago… 1137!!! We are getting serious here in this race for the Laser. I am on everyone’s side. So let the champion be the winn

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