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Arm Rest Mousepad!

For those of you who constantly work in front of a computer (like me), you will appreciate this awesome Arm Rest Mousepad that can be installed on most armrest chairs and even desks to relieve pressure on your hands by having the mouspad embedded on your chair or desk.

What a wonderful idea, get it at USBFever for $42.99.

I will definitely be getting one of these.

Of course, don’t forget you can also get air mouse, read our

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OSIM uComfort Massage Chair Review!

Over the weekend, I tried the OSIM uComfort Massage Chair at my local Brookstone, I have to say, it’s one of the ultimate chairs to be blogging on.  I highly recommend it if you are thinking about investing in a massage chair.

Our latest massage chair delivers powerful full-body massage that’s precision-calibrated for your body so you can experience real relaxation from head to toe. At the beginning of each program, the chair’s massage rollers glide along the length of your back to customize your massage. This precision calibrati

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Chair made out of Playstation 2 Casing!

Chair made out of Playstation 2 Casing!

Here’s a really cool chair made out of Playstation 2 casings.  (What a way to recycle that PS2, I have one too but it’s not up for recycling yet until I get my hands on a PS3)

Pli Design is preparing to launch next week a line of eco-friendly chairs, made entirely of recycled PlayStation 2 console casings. The stylish Reee Chairs are also designed to be recycled again and again, doubly contributing to their environmental appeal.

“The simple idea behind the Reee chair is to produce a recyc

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LED Swing Wing!

Here’s a lovely LED Swing Wing I would love to one day make one for myself when I get a real house.

Made from plastic with fibre optic lighting inserted. On a dark summer night the swing creates a spectacular light show that lights up a whole garden in the most beautiful way. The swing was originally shown in the “Five playful chairs” exhibition in 2005 and has been a huge success around the globe. Over 30 000 internet sites has written about Sense as well as large newspaper articles in New York Times, Herald Tribune, Taipei Times and Fra

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Awesome Chair Sculpture!

Check out this awesome Chair Sculpture made with bunch of chairs.  Now, this sculpture would be even more awesome if there was no adhesive used to hold it together.

This thing does have a funny name called, “Black Whore Conference”.  (Now if you got my typo, you might be laughing now…)

‘black whole conference’ by michel de broin, 2006 (72 chairs) collection musée d’art contemporain de montréal (photo by peter rosemann)


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Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

Here’s an awesome portable chair design.  At first look, you will notice 3 pieces and wonder, “How is that a chair”?

Now start putting the pieces together in your mind.

Little more…

Almost there…

Wow, look at that, a portable DIY chair in seconds.  Now, if you got a whole stadium of these chairs, it might do some stylish design wonders while keeping your

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Numeric Keypad or Calculator Chairs?

God, what if you did actual calculations on these calculator chairs with bunch of students?

Well, they did miss the LCD for the calculator here, that should be their next project.

via technabob

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Robot Video – Robotic Self Healing Chair


Check out these robotic self healing chairs. I think I’ve seen the video before but here it is again…

Kinda nifty when you are prone to breaking a lot of furniture because of your bad temper or clumsiness. (I, am on the clumsy side…)

via rafaello

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