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HP Firebird 802 Unboxing Review!

Okay, the guys over at Engadget are always receiving “free” stuff and also complaining but heck, I am jealous. :p

Anyways, they have some “pictures” you can see before they do a full review of this new HP Firebird gaming PC.

The Firebird itself looks just as nice in our living room as it did at CES, but there are some sad surprises here — the super-heavy external power brick has a troublesomely lame connector, and the included wireless keyboard is pretty simply crap — the slightest downward pressure basica

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Palm Pre Video Review!


Here’s a first look at the new Palm Pre, built on open source platform, sorta like Android.

It looks really good but time will tell how many hackers and developers will catch onto Palm’s open source platform.  There’s no word if it’s based on Linux or proprietary, in which case it will be a hard sell.

I highly like the screen very much.  Well, watch the video!

The video is one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the co

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CES 2009 SwissFlash – Swiss Knife on Steroids!

Looks like the next generation swiss knife is here, a SwissFlash, equipped your typical scissor, knife, and of course, a 32GB Samsung flash drive coupled with fingerprint sensor too.

I’d say this is the swiss knife on steroids.  It should be available at Victorinox soon.

But it’s also designed to serve as a handy presentation remote, since it comes with bluetooth and a set of emulated left and right mouse buttons. So the knife you probably already carry in your pock

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GiiNii MoveIt Mini – iPod Killer?


GiiNii, one of the companies I do blog consulting, has launched its GiiNii MoveIt Mini at the CES 2009 this year.  Of course, this thing does look pretty tight at only $150.   With a much bigger screen than an iPod, I am looking forward to getting hands on one of these soon.  What I like is the really big screen.  Honestly, I can’t really use my iPod Touch much due to the fact that screen is so s m a l l and typing is just a simple pain in the as*.


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More Cool Android Videos!


Here’s more videos of the Google’s new mobile linux operating system, the Android.  I am starting to like it more and more…

Google’s latest Android prototype is miles improved over the versions we last saw. Back at CES the GUI was clunky and the whole thing looked relatively primative; Google themselves asked us to keep an open mind and instead concentrate on the OS’ potential. Now, they’ve brought out a device that you could, frankly, mistake for production hardware.


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0.3mm OLED TV by Sir Howard Stringer

OLED TVs now will come in 0.3mm thickness!!! Please get me one!!!

[via techeblogallthingsdengadget]

Here’s a video from CES:


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Live coverage from Sony’s CES press conference at Engadget

The greatest part about NOT going to CES this year? I get to sit on my butt and read all these tech blog write about them. Well, it’s good that I am acting sorta as a “human filter” to filter out all the crappy stuff and post the best on Zedomax.

Anyways, you can get a really good overview of Sony’s CES press conference over at Engadget. I think this is one of the longest Engadget posts I’ve seen in awhile.


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CES Video – Keyboard that lights up


Wow, this is one cool keyboard I wanna get.

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RSS Feeds coming to life…


Here’s a video from CES 2007 showing RSS Feeds coming to life from your computer screen to a physical LCD on your desktop. This shouldn’t be too hard to make but maybe making like a podcast device would be…

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Tech Digest’s Top 10 videos from CES!

[gv data=”UOWYIjbKDcc”][/gv]

[gv data=”rXf4yb2JlFs”][/gv]

[gv data=”2bw7gPQdTWw”][/gv]

nice hoo*ers…

[gv data=”W2HvdK3yT1o”][/gv]

my next TV…

[gv data=”3i5_YDd6myI”][/gv]

Cool…more beer robots…

via techdigest

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