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HydroFill – Water-to-Hydrogen Converter! [CES Withdrawls]

Here’s something I missed at CES 2010 but gladly this could be the invention of the decade, a water-to-hydrogen converter. Not only does it convert water to hydrogen, it stores the hydrogen efficiently in solid matter. This means that we could possibly forego gas stations in the future, perhaps just dump some water into your hydrogen-powered car. Exciting!

Named HYDROFILL(TM) unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The small desktop device simply plugs into the AC, a solar panel or a small wind turbine, automatically extracts hydrogen from it

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MSI Wind U160 Hands-on Review!

The MSI  Wind U160 will feature an Intel Atom N450 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, Windows 7 Starter, and 250GB hard drive for $399.   There’s no word on battery life but looks pretty promising for those of you looking for a sleek laptop. (via engadget)

My opinion?  I am actually moving away from netbooks in general since I have one already but you should have a netbook if you don’t yet in your arsenal.

Also check out these hands-on review videos of the MSI Wind U160:


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Transformers USB Flash Drives! [CES Withdrawls]

I guess guys over at Toshiba booth were using Transformer USB Flash Drives to demo their new Satellite laptops.  Well, apparently, these cool Transformers USB Flash Drives were more interesting than the laptops for CNet writer Scott Stein.

You can get these on Amazon for about $45.

Of course, CES i

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Yogen Eco Chargers [Video]


Well, CES 2010 was pretty darn big and 3 days of walking didn’t help me but it looks like Shinymedia bloggers got a good demo of Yogen Eco Chargers, good!  I missed their booth because CES was just so freakin’ huge but next year I will be more prepared.

You can get it here for $39.95 at the YoGenStore.com.


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3D LCD HDTVs Spamming CES 2010!

I talked to many bloggers and journalists at CES 2010, many of them thought there was too many 3D HDTVs.  Literally, 3D HDTVs “spammed” the whole show, everywhere I went there was at least one 3D HDTV including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, you name it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing but I think there were too many at CES 2010.  But couple of them stood out, I liked those 3D LCD HDTVs that could be seen without 3D glasses. (Yes, without them!)  I forget which companies did that but I have videos/pictures so I will let you know.


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GenevaSound Speakers Review [CES Relapse]

At CES 2010, I only try to take photos/vids of things other bloggers/press would miss, GenevaSound speakers are one of those cool things, expensive speakers worth having in your modern bedroom.  Well, watch the video to see how it works as an iPod/iPhone dock, alarm clock, and more.


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WiMax Speed Test in Las Vegas!


Probably the most exciting technology of this year will be WiMax rolling out in the U.S.  Many cities in the U.S. already have launched WiMax in full service including Las Vegas.  At CES 2010, I got to test WiMax hands-on at the Motorola booth, using one of their latest 4G WiMax USB dongles.

In the simple test, I was able to get a 2Mbps download and 3.36Mbps upload.  This might not seem like very fast but at CES 2010, broadband speeds and even wired internet was simply horrible because people all over the world (who use a

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Samsung Omnia 2 Hands-on Review! [CES Withdrawls]

I had a chance to take a look at the Samsung Omnia II at CES 2010.  Yes, I know, it’s oooold already but still, it’s a good Windows phone.  I should have the Samsung Galaxy hands-on review soon though.


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ASUS U83JC Bamboo Laptop Hands-on Review!

Also, at CES 2010 couple days ago, I spotted the ASUS U83 JC Bamboo laptop, basically a bamboo version of ASUS UL80Jt we reviewed earlier minus an optical drive.

I have to say, this is the “ultimate” bamboo laptop to get, featuring great bamboo texture for those of you who don’t want such shiny finish on your laptops and touchpad.

I am really crossing my fingers that this laptop will be available

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NovelQuest Emperor Seat Hands-on Review at CES 2010!

At CES 2010 this year, I had the pleasure of sitting at one of the best computer workstation chairs in the world, the NovelQuest Emperor seats.  The one I sat on had recaro seats, with reclining controls for both the seat itself and the 3 monitors.  I think this is the ultimate workstation to get, I can’t really afford one right now but surely, I will be getting one in the future.

See video of my hands-on at the NovelQuest Emperor seat.


These Emperor seats aren’t going t

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