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HTC CEO Announces No Locked Bootloaders on Android Devices!

My first HTC smartphone purchase was back in around 2006, it was a really crappy XDA-type of Windows phone that was just bulky and slow as it could ever be.

Well, after using Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, and my HTC G2 Phone, I am quite convinced that HTC has come a long way and impressed with the quality Android smartphones they can produce now.  I would say HTC tops all other manufacturers right now including Motorola and Samsung for Android smartphones.

I think the main reason behind this is that HTC got on Android first before anyone else, starting with the original Goog

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Sprint – Shortage of HTC Evo 4Gs!

It seems like Sprint is running real low on their supply of HTC Evo 4G.

I can contest to that by the number of visitors I get on HTCEvoHacks.com versus PalmPre-Hacks.com and NexusOneHacks.net, the web traffic coming to my HTC Evo Hacks blog site is about 3-5 times more than the Palm Pre and Nexus One as seen in graphs below.

From those figures, I can roughly predict that Sprint has sold about 3 to 5 times more HTC Evo 4Gs and that number is

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Flying Car Terrafugia Takes Off The Ground!


Well, this video doesn’t exactly guarantee that the Terrfugia flying car is “flying” but indeed it is and a great start for the flying car maker.

The vehicle left the ground for a good thirty-seven seconds, traveling some 3,000 feet. At a press conference today, the company’s CEO Carl Dietrich remarked that “with this achievement, Terrafugia has set the stage for perso

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Get the Steelcase Leap Chair and Feel Like a CEO!

The guys over at BornRich.org has a great review on the Steelcase Leap Chair and how it is great for your back. (and makes you feel like a C.E.O. at the top of the world)

Although I currently have a cheap IKEA chair, I will soon have to upgrade as soon as I make some more money.


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LG Reveals its Solar Cellphone!

Well, here’s one of the very first solar cellphones from LG.  Nicely done, I think we should all be solar-powered in year 2015 at the latest.

This Solar-powered handset is part of the company’s aggressive green initiative, proving LG’s commitment to creating a healthier environment for everyone.

“Using renewable solar energy in the mobile handset is an example of our ongoing efforts to help create a safer, cleaner environment for our customers,” said Dr

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Roll-Up Earplugs From Mack’s!

Check out these new Mack’s Roll-up earplugs!  Basically they are earplugs packaged as bunch of sheets and you can put them in your wallet.

Whenever you need some peace and quietness, roll them up like a joint (did I say joint?) and stick them in your ears.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one although my earbuds are handy enough to cut off all sound around me.

“Mack’s® Roll Ups Wallet Earplugs address the bigges

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Sprint’s Dan Hesse says Google Android not good enough “yet”!

In recent interview with Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, he says that Google Android isn’t good enough “yet” for Sprint to promote on their network.

I can understand why Dan is saying that because Sprint is way ahead of every other telecommunication company in the U.S. as far as mobile data speeds go.

Plus, Sprint has been working closely with Samsung, one of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world.  Samsung

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Diesel Porsche Cayenne in 2010!

With the latest oil crisis and prices of everything increasing (and not stopping either), car manufacturers are forced to be more creative.

The good news is that Porsche Cayenne might be coming with a hybrid engine by 2010, all with a diesel engine while horsepower and torque remain the same.

I think I’d be looking really forward to a vegetable oil Porsche Cayenne. (Or at least they will have DIY kits for people who want to convert it)

Various news outlets have speculated that Porsche’s first-ever diesel engine would be in

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How to run your car on Water, Sugar, and Yeast using EFuel100’s Home Ethanol!

EFuel100, a home ethanol convertor, has been buzzing all around the world and TV. Basically it allows you to turn water, sugar, and yeast into ethanol. What do you do with ethanol? You can mix 75% ethanol and 25% gas to power your current vehicle.

That’s right, it means you don’t need to drive an eco-friendly car to save the world. You simply need to pre-order one of these ethanol convertors at $10,000 USD, but d

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