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Dirt-Powered Soil Lamp!

We’ve seen a slew of solar-powered lamps in the last couple years but this is the very first time “dirt”, (yes, the stuff that’s on your ground) has been used to power a lamp.  We wonder how long this will go, specifically when it will be available to the consumers.

The soil lamp uses the chemical reaction between copper, zinc, and slightly moistened mud to create enough electrical current to power an LED lamp. More cells can be used to create a brighter light

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Mongoose, the Powerful DIY Electric Bike!

Here’s a guy who built a really powerful (lookin’) electric bike, fitted with batteries that can jump even cars.  There’s even an onboard GPS so you can never get lost while a full charge gets you up to 150 miles.

Watch the video and become “impressed”:


432 Sony 18650V (known as Konion).used in Makita, Bionx an, 3.75 Volt,

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UV O3 Baby Pacifier Sterilizer!

UV O3 Baby Pacifier Sterilizer!

For the ultimate baby pacifier sterlization, you will need to try out this UV O3 Baby Pacifier Sterilizer by Pipila.

It uses a combination of ultraviolet rays and ozone (O3) to kill harmful bacteria.

Now, you have a better solution than traditional pacifier sterilizers that use water and microwave.

Using a patented UV/O3 (ozone) sterilising lamp, Pipila functions to kill up to 99.9% of germs residing on the pacifier.

Unlike other sterilisers on the market, using Pipila to sterlise your pacifier does

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Robot with Rat Brain!


I have once played golf with one of the executives at AMD and he was telling me that future of computer chips are in organic chips sorta similar to human brain.

Well, here’s one of the first signs of that, a robot controlled by rat brain!

The robot’s biological brain is made up of cultured neurons which are placed onto a multi electrode array (MEA). The MEA is a dish with approximately 60 electrodes which pick up the electrical signals generated by the cells. This is then used to

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Some Cool Hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and more!

Lifehacker has a new post that features some cool hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and some other hacks you can’t miss.

Are you using Google Spreadsheets as your web-based spreadsheet editor alternative to desktop programs like Excel? If you do, give the “magic” auto-completions a try. To understand what this does, enter “Superman” in the top left cell, and enter “Batman” and “Wonder Woman” in the cells below. Now select all three cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards ov

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Infection Watch from TokyoFlash!

Oh boy, this reminds me of all the cool watches reviewed plus some more…

Housed in a smart new case, Infection is ergonomically designed to neatly fit the contours of your wrist, the tapered edges providing a smooth transition between the case and lens.

Twenty-seven multi-colored LEDs pulsate and move like cells across the curved face to present the time from beneath the attractive mirrored mineral crystal lens.


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Artificial corneas could save eyesight

Cool, artificial corneas might save your eyes in the future. Or even your loved ones…

This is great news for myself since I wear contacts and have a very bad -10.5. (I can’t even get Lasik because my eyes are so bad!)

Well, just in case my cornea goes bad….that’s what I meant….

Working with other colleagues in the EU-funded CORNEA project, research scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Researc

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DIY HOWTO – Solar powered Pumpkin

Cool Pumpkin that is solar powered and saves earth!

via make

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