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Mobile Blog Plusmo Review

After getting my 8125 smartphone, I tried out plusmo for browsing zedomax blogs,

it was so slow I am just so sick of it…

Actually it hung up my new phone and when my new phone restarted, it would still hang.

The only way I could fix it was by connecting to my phone via ActiveSync and completing deleting plusmo program…

So my advice, dont use plusmo… please ignore plusmo links on our blog until it’s been erased.

Perhaps, it might work for other phones…

but now we are actively seeking out a better mobile blog solution as

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Logitec’s LAN-WSPH01WH Skype phone

Hmm… interesting Skype phone…“Logitec, the h-free variety, has revealed the existence of a new and delightfully named LAN-WSPH01WH Skype handset with a particularly Sony Ericsson-esque design. The candybar handset is rocking a 1.8-inch screen along with WPA2 capable WiFi: for added convenience, Logitec has also made it so the phone will charge over your computer’s USB port. Pricing is at 25,100 (which is around $214 US) and according to the official site th

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Learn how to hack your cell phone

Hack your cell phone here…

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