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Touchscreen Keypad Performance Test HTC 8125 vs. CuTOUCH CT1720


Well, I know I’ve been rambling about how sh#$@y my phone is but here’s a performance test between a 200 Mhz based mobile device and an 20Mhz based touchscreen controller.

Not exactly the best test for this but I figure I can get my word out about what you’d expect from a HTC 8125. But my HP PocketPC Jornada

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Uniden Bluetooth Landline Phone

This thing can link to your mobile while you’re at home, records phone calls, connect other handsets to your call, and a bunch more features.

If you own this phone and would like to post comments. Please feel free.

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Robot Testing in homes


I don’t know about a secret army but seems like these robots would be fun to have around…bring me beer…fetch newspaper…turn on heater…etc…etc…

South Koreans are moving toward a robotic society with the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) launching the pilot program of the national ‘Ubiquitous Robot Companion’ last week.This pilot program comprises of 1,000 of five different robot models whic

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Samsung V9900 Out-Starves Samsung Trace


Cool new samsung phone…

Looks like the Samsung phones are having an anorexia contest. On one side we have the Samsung Trace measuring in at a thin 0.3 inches. In Korea they have the V9900, which had one less celery stick for dinner and managed to maintain a 0.27-inch waist line. It’s also got a better 2-megapixel camera (the Trace has 1MP) and packs a nice 1.9-inch screen. And while the Trace plays nice with T-Mobile’s EDGE network, the

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Networked Air conditioners with AI and remote controllable using PDA or cell phone


Cool high tech air conditioners…

We’re not exactly sure what gives an air conditioner “artificial intelligence,” but our buds at AVING claim to have found one at the Korea Electronics Show, now underway in Seoul. Haier Korea, the Korean branch of the Chinese manufacturing jack-of-all-trades showed off two models, including the KFRd-72LW/O (“standard type”) and the KFRd-35GW/O (“wall mounted type”). Both come with

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