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Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

Like this new UMPC? Maybe not. But WiMAX (officially termed IEEE 802.16e) is a technology we won’t see in the US for another 3 to 5 years. Why? Because all the telephone networks companies are still making lots of money selling old technology. (Well, that’s the way it’s always here…)

Why am I fretting about this? Because companies like Samsung ha

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Game and Game World Championships 2007

Looks like you can win $5000 for first place at the Game and Game World Championships 2007. Just don’t end up lookin’ like this guy. I know there are other tournaments you can win a lot more money… Then again, these guys get paid like at least 6 figures from their sponsors such as Samsung and all those cellphone companies in Korea. I envy these guys who can play games for a living and they are not even 20 yet&#

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Cingular vs. Sprint – HSDPA vs. EDVO

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately after my HTC 8125 broke, but it came back to life about a week later.

Since my HTC 8125 is so slow, I had to find a new phone that was FAST. I went to all the stores with demo phones including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and didn’t really bother going to T-mobile. Anyways, some of the Cingular stores had the

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DIY – How to boost your wifi signal


Check out this cool video on how to boost your wireless network signal using your cellphone and some LAN wires.

via dabomb.tv

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3G Cellphone Review – What’s your choice of 3G cellphone?

Are you thinking about getting a new cellphone or pda phone? Well, my HTC8125 with 2G just broke so I am thinking about getting a new phone. First thing you should really consider when buying a new cellphone is 3G support especially if it’s a pda smartphone you are buying. For your information, my HTC8125 with 2G is about as fast as a 115200 bps modem for browsing the internet. It does support wifi but even with wifi, it’s very slow and I don’t recommended for anyone.

Fore more on 2G vs. 3G performance, you can check out:

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DIY HACK – Modded handcrank flashlight powers phone!

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Check out the simple handcrank powering a cellphone!


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Cellphone Condom



What is a cellphone condom? You guessed it, it will protect your cellphone against any water damage when you are in the spa…


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Control your car using your Cellphone!



Here’s a cool Smart Car system for your car with GPS tracking so you don’t have to pay some big name service to track where your car is.

Do you need to control your vehicle using your cellphone or track where it is in the world on your computer? Here’s a cool smart car system built using the CUBLOC CB220 as the

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Video Review – HTC Herald 4350 Reviewed


[gv data=”o7-FGaU4BDA”][/gv]

Here’s a preview of the new HTC 4350. Looks nice but at 200Mhz, I don’t if it will be fast enough…

“Pdagold” gives us a short hands-on preview of the HTC Herald aka 4350. This Smartphone features TI OMAP 800 (200-MHz) processor, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display, Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, and E

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Hack this – FIC Linux Phone


here’s a hacker’s dreamer phone via slashgear

FIC is focusing on common usability at this moment such as MP3 support, GPS systems and GSM, however all those basic features and functionalities can be added to and extended with the involvement of the open source community. FIC will provide the

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