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RV DIY – How to Go Green with RVs!

Here’s some great tips on how to save money and energy if you are into RVs and cross-country driving:

1. Try a diesel-powered RV model such as the BioTrekker, which is powered by the more fuel efficient and less costly biodiesel.

2. Convert an existing model to biodiesel via a kit. Biodiesel kits can be found online or via a green RV dealer.

Q: Don’t you need a special biodiesel engine to run it? A: No. B100 (100 percent biodiesel) will run in most diesel engines with little or no modifications. B20 (20 percent biodiesel) will run in any diesel engine without mo

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Ever wonder about a cell phone in a microwave?

So, I’m not sure if this is real or not, because of the sound effects. But, if it is real, this is the coolest effect ever.

Why you would waste a good phone in the microwave is beyond me. But, at least someone else did it so we don’t have to.

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Digital Frame DIY – How to Share Photos using Free Online Services!

Do you have WiFi digital photo frames that are sitting on your table without your knowledge that you can use free online services to share and automatically update pictures on your frame?

Well, here’s a cool DIY showing you how you can use free online services to share your photos.

There are a few sites out there which will help you, but today we will be looking at yougotphoto.com a site where photo sharing is as easy as using a cell phone.

You would expect that a s

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Cell Phone Hugger Holder!

If you like hands in pink gloves, here’s a Cell Phone Hugger Holder that will hold most cellphones nice and tight in your car.

Special cell phone holder can hold some slim cell phones, just like a big hug. Two big palms hold your cell phone, give it a full protection. Made of soft material will not make scratches.

via crave,

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M2E Kinetic Re-Charge Technology!

You’ve seen those new type of flashlights that will re-charge simply by “wacking” it.  Now, here’s a company that will take that concept further so you can re-charge your batteries simply through motion.

If you take a bus or simply walk a lot on your way to work, this type of re-charging device will be great at re-charging your batteries for free.  (at least you have to walk anyways)

With the M2E Power, this device is able to juice up your favorite devices on the go simply by relying on Faraday’s principal 

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DIY Cellphone Piano!


Wow, it looks like someone had to hook up all their old cellphones to an electric piano.  Each key on the piano responds to a dial button on one of those phones, creating a dial-tone.  Of course, there’s not enough dial-tones to cover all the notes.

The cell phone piano. Each key on the keyboard is wired into a key on a cell phone – as you play, you are also dialing. The channels are mixed together and amplified through speakers. Every sound the piano makes is generated by one of the

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Portable Solar Charger!

Here’s another cool little portable solar charger for your cellphones and small gadgets.

This totally convenient portable solar power supply can be used with cell phones, portable radios, and digital cameras. Because its lightweight and compact its ideal for use when traveling on business or pleasure, camping or hiking. Available in graphite or titanium finish.

via 7g

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Meccano Spykee Cell Robot with iPod/iPhone Dock and Speakers and control it with your iPhone!

Lol, this is a great gizmo. You can control the robot via Bluetooth, change music, or even move the robot. iPod-World is taking pre-orders of this item, I’d get one if it was available in the US. Even better, they might just send us a sample?

iPod World is taking pre-order for the Meccano Spyke Cell Robot, an amazing robot which has iPod/iPhone dock and stereo speakers. You control the robot and your iPod wirelessly by using your cell phone via Bluetooth technology to change tunes,

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CMMB introduced its hybrid digital broadcasting system for mobile receivers


Interesting Digital Broadcasting System…

BARCELONA, Spain (AVING Special Report on ‘MWC 2008’) — <Visual News> CMMB(China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) introduced its hybrid ‘satellite-terrestrial’ digital broadcasting system for multiple handheld and mobile receivers, such as PMP, cell phone, PDA, and UMPC etc.

Its trial service has been provided in eight cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Qinhuangdao.

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Yahoo to demo its upcoming oneConnect service


Here’s an interesting web app that Yahoo’s workin’ on that will bring not only instant messenger service but all type of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc…etc… Looks pretty good, not that I’d use it.

Yahoo demonstrated its upcoming oneConnect service at MWC 2008 held in Barcelona, Spain. It will be the first mobile product with an open architecture that aggregates communications tools such as email, instant messaging (IM), text messaging (SMS), and social networks.


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