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iPhone Might Be Coming to Verizon and CDMA?

Finally!  There’s some rumors that the iPhone might be coming to Verizon, or CDMA networks that is.  As good as the iPhone is, AT&T has reached too far into consumers’ wallets, knowing their network sucks.

Anyways, this is good news as Verizon and Sprint have proved that their broadband connection is 2-5 times faster than their GSM competitors.  I will definitely get an iPhone if it’s available on a CDMA network, otherwise I will have to keep ranting about how

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Samsung SWC-E100 ExpressCard and WiMAX is in Baltimore!

Well, the great news is that WiMAX service that I have been complaining about for years is finally here but only still in Baltimore.

We should expect WiMAX to become available in more areas and why is this good?

WiMAX is about 5-10 times faster than Sprint’s CDMA network, meaning this WiMAX broadband card will allow you to surf at Cable

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Apple should be Sued for Deceptive iPhone 3G Advertising!


As much as I can appreciate the Safari mobile browser on the iPhone, I still hate the fact that Apple refuses to make “real” ads without trying to cover up the slowness of the iPhone.

Well, as I told you about how iPhone is the biggest marketing scam ever, it seems like people are slowly starting to realize what I&

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WiMax video from “last year”…


Here’s another video demonstrating online game playing at a “park” using WiMax broadband service, something you can’t do currently with even the fastest Sprint CDMA network…

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