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Arduino Hack – How to Make a Nintendo Keyless Entry System!



Here’s a fun hack that uses a Nintendo controller, Arduino, and CD drive to create a fun, keyless entry system.

Use a Classic Nintendo controller to lock and unlock your door! The output from the Controller is read by an arduino and it looks for a particular combination of buttons, once the combination is entered it sends a signal to eject a Cd-Rom Drive which pushes or pulls the lock. I started making this project like I always do; with what I have on hand. So if you have the

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USB “Mini” Greenhouse

Here’s a nice little way to put a greenhouse and grow your own mini plant while you are blogging with the USB “mini” Greenhouse.

Brighten up your dull desk with this USB plug in contraption. This product provides the maximum conditions for your plant to grow, to adorn your desk with natural beauty in no time! It contains marigold seeds for you to plant, but plant whatever you want – the seeds of your favorite flower? It also comes with fake soil, an adjusta

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