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Zedomax DIY 128 – HOW TO Make a Glowing Heart LED Night Light!



I was at my local Dollar Store the other day and when I saw this Heart shaped Touch Light, I had to hack one for my gf.Here’s a quick hack on how to make a regular Touch Light and make it into a Glowing Heart Night Light.

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Parts List

Touch Light from local Dollar Stor

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Control your car using your Cellphone!


Here’s a cool Smart Car system for your car with GPS tracking so you don’t have to pay some big name service to track where your car is.

Do you need to control your vehicle using your cellphone or track where it is in the world on your computer? Here’s a cool smart car system built using the CUBLOC CB220 as the brain and

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Touch control chip for your next “touch” buttons

You can now easily make a touch application similar to the touch interface on the LG Chocolate. Check out touch-sensor chip you can use for your next embedded application or even maybe wii hacking or ps3 hacking…

QT113 family QTouchT ICs create sense fields through dielectric surfaces such as plastic or glass up to 100mm (4″) thick, and can even turn small objects into sensors. These sense fields can work easily through gloved hands.

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DIY HOWTO – Wireless Color changing light project with PIC

Here’s a cool color changing DIY I found by google-ing…

Wow,” you say, “how can you expect to make something wireless and still have it cost less than fifty dollars?” Well I’m glad you asked. “But I didn’t ask,” you say, “I’m just reading.” Do you want to argue, or would you like to hear about my solution? That’s what I thought. For the job of fairly-reliable wireless communication, I turn to my old friends the TX433 and

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Embedded Ethernet – Obi-Wan the “finger” over the Internet by Thomas Edwards

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Hmmm… Thomas is up to something again, making some really cool artistic electronics,

check out this obi-wan the finger over ethernet by Thomas, it’s really cool, I wish there was a DIY…

Here is the most recent version of the “Touch”  which uses CUBLOC CB220, Pololu Micro Servo controller, and Lantronix XPORT. The two black boxes are sending the force-sensitive resistor data to a server about 70 miles away, where the pressure difference is calculated, a new common fi

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DIY – Ethernet Enabled Servo Motor Control in 1 hour!

Here’s a cool DIY on ethernet enabled servo motor control using CUBLOC CB220, XPORT, and Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller by Thomas Edwards.

He also uses an Python Internet server to read the servo position information.

This was done in about 1 hour…pretty impressive.

via techartblog

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Digital Compass using CMPS03

Do u need a digital compass for your app? Here we go, let’s put interface a digital compass w/ CUBLOC CB280. We will use a CUBLOC CB280 module and CMPS03 Digital Compass module from Devantech to create a simple 0 to 360 degree compass. via Link via Link [html in English]

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