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Retro Cassette Tape Doormats!

Want something retro for all your home’s visitors to see when they come visit you?  Don’t forget the Retro Cassette Tape Doormats!

Also, why don’t you disguise your iPhone in an iPhone Cassette Tape Case to while you are at it, it can’t hurt.

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VHS Hack – How to Make a VHS USB Flash Drive!

I am sure many of you are wondering why in the world you would make a VHS USB flash drive.  That’s exactly the point.

By making one of these VHS USB flash drives, you can easily and inconspicuously hide all your important  data as part of your old VHS collection that might be gathering dust anyways.

Alan from HackedGadgets has done it again, he’s made this cool retro-gadget and wants to share with you, every little detail and things you’d need to know to make one yourself, enjoy.  Great stuff Alan, keep ’em comin’ are u twittering yet?

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Clock Hack – How to Make a VHS Cassette Clock!

If you are like me, you probably have about a few hundred VHS cassette tapes running around your house or garage.  Here’s how to re-make/re-cycle your old VHS cassette tape into a functional clock.

VHS is dead in the UK, the bottom-end of the market is struggling to shift VHS cassettes for pence. I have several, and found a new use for one.

I had an old quartz clock movement, the rest of the clock having fallen apart years ago.

And I have a lot of other electrical bits from broken TVs, videos, stereos etc.

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DIY Cassette Tape Lamp!

Here’s a visually appealing DIY cassette tape lamp if you want to recycle your old outdated cassette into something useful and doesn’t take up extra space in your home.

The designers make each lamp from dozens of individual cassette tapes, arranged into visually appealing patterns. Not only do they look cool as a sculptural piece, they cast dramatic shadows onto surrounding surfaces.

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