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DIY – How to Make Mirror-Finish PC Case Mod!


Here’s a really cool PC Case mod, a DIY on how to make mirror-finish PC Case surface.

Spray paint your PC case and give it a mirror finish. You won’t need expensive painting equipment and supplies. You’ll find most of the products I used at hardware and automotive stores.

3M Perfect It III Compounds and 3M Imperial Hand Glaze is usually sold in Autobody Supply Stores, but I’ve linked them to an online resource. I prefer using carnauba type car wax, but any automotive

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Hacked Gamecube Wall-E Mod!

Here’s a cool lookin’ Wall-E Mod. via hackedgadgets

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DIY – How to Make an Egyptian PC Case!

Anyone up for an Egyptian PC case mod???

Looks freakin’ authentic.  Maybe they dugg it out of an actual pyramid…

Conceived and constructed by Chris Kramer (a.k.a “Jadragon”), his EgyptMod PC is detailed with intricate hieroglyphics and encrusted with jewels. I’m especially mesmerized by Eye of Ra detail crafted from brass and inlaid with polished malachite and verisite.

In the QuetzalMod Feathered Serpent case, I suggested that one did n

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